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We are user friendly! Just plug, click and play.  Our customized box allows you to enjoy your favorite media immediately. …

The World’s Best Box has its own proprietary software that enhances the user experience by allowing automatic upgrades and updates…

We are proud to bring you the world’s greatest media center, for your viewing pleasure.  Discover thousands more apps, games,…

The Future of Entertainment is Here! With our newest product, we have revolutionized the media industry for years to come. …
Ask about our "Trade in Program"  Why trade in?

We offer customers who have purchased any streaming device, a trade in credit worth up to $75.  We have collected well over 500 boxes from customers who have purchased from ebay, Amazon, QVC, or even companies that rip people off selling generic plastic boxes.  The reason why so many customers go with us is because we manufacture a premium built device with the highest technical specs available.  We also offer full time customer service, a strong warranty and weekly content updates. In other words, your box will always be operating at its highest capacity. And because of our in house programmers, our customers are the first to get any new content that becomes available. Enjoy!


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